Create Custom Canvas Prints for the Perfect Photo Gift!

One of our number one things that we get asked is where to get something like custom signs but for use in the home, and thankfully we’ve partnered with the leader in custom canvas prints: MakeCanvasPrints. Canvas prints are the best photo gift you can give someone that is similar to a custom sign but isn’t actually a sign or outdoor sign. MakeCanvasPrints uses similar custom canvas design software to what we use with our printed signage. If you’re looking for a great printed holiday gift or a photo gift then definitely try Make Canvas Prints.

Photo Canvas and Canvas Custom Prints

Why do we recommend custom canvas prints instead of custom signs? Signs are typically in different formats, including canvas! We do not have canvas signs yet on our site but we do get a lot of requests to create photo canvas prints for businesses who use our other sign services. The reason we recommend canvas prints is because they are a standard in the printing business and are one of the most common pieces of interior office decor. They can be used as signage, but most interior signage is not as decorative and is more functional or building code driven. Typically signage is outside or external to the interior of a business where canvas prints may not be the ideal signage. We have work with MakeCanvasPrints in the past for not just custom canvas prints but also for customers that need wholesale canvas prints and bulk canvas printing as well as using them for photographs on canvas in our own office!

Canvas Prints Makes a Great Personalized Gift

A lot of our customers ask us if signage is a good gift, and it is for people who need it! Often a gift of signage means a lot to a budding business owner or organization. But sometimes you want to give a personalized gift with your photos on it and prints are a great choice. Also MakeCanvasPrints has cheap canvas prints with great shipping so you don’t have to worry about being on a budget.

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